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Ummon's Tag

June 24th 2009
Below is a list of questions you pose to your child. Mine is almost 5 (one week to go) and has many a quirk already, as well as a great sense of sarcasm / 'nakkal'.

I decided to do it. Might be interesting, I thought.

Tsu: T, will you answer some questions?
T: Yes

Tsu: Now?
T: Mmm. (meaning ‘yes’) Mmmm! What?

Here goes the dialogue…
Tsu: What is something I always say to you?
T: I don’t know…what…?? Oh, yeah…”Did you go moocha in school?”

Tsu: What makes me happy?
T: To konjify you.

Tsu: What makes me sad?
T: When I am behaving badly…no, when I am thittifying you (scolding you)…
Then? Ask another question!
Mutters…’Adhey adhey sabapadhey…’

Tsu: How do I make you laugh?
T: By not thittufying…and by konjifying, kichikichi-muttufying..no? no? ya? Aama? (Yes?)

Tsu: What do you think I was like as a child?
T: You will sleep with your mouth open.
(I could not stop laughing, so I asked her the question again)
T: You would have been like Jasmine.

Tsu: Who is Jasmine?
T: Princess

Tsu: How old am I?
T: 29, no 34, no 24..? No, 24 AND 34.

Tsu: How tall am I?
T: Tall like this – ivalo tall (So tall) – She gestures to my head.

Tsu: What is my favourite thing to do?
T: Computer, playing computer games.
(Hmph I do not, but the computer is my fav thing alright)

Tsu: What do I do when you’re not around?
T: Cry…you will be sad (acts it out)
Asked her again…
T: At the computer, no? no? no?
Now, are you going to switch on the TV or not?

Tsu: If I become famous, what will it be for?
T (sarcily): ‘Tupu’. Then, “Famous means what?”

Tsu: Everybody will know me
T: I will be happy.
T: Yey, will you put on the TV or not? And giggles… (I do too)
T: You will be famous for talking...you talk on the phone, no?

Tsu: What am I really good at?
T: Giving food for children, putting the TV on when I ask... Now, I will ask YOU some questions…you reply!
Totally rolling with laughter, I again ask:

T answers: Dancing Bharatnatyam
She is messing with the mouse

Tsu: What am I not really good at?
T: If anyone says ‘you sing me one song’, then you will not sing. If someone asks you to dance, you will not dance…that only.

Tsu: What is my job?
T: To do this computer. No? ah? Eh? Aamadhaane? No? Now, I will ask some questions…

Tsu: What is my favourite food?
T: Idli. No? no? aama dhaanney? (Isn't it so?)
Because I always suggest it to her at restaurants…for her.
Asked again:
T: Idli.

Tsu: What makes you proud of me?
T: When you put the TV on for me. (Very bored and impatient-- Does not get the word ‘proud’).

Tsu: What makes me proud of you?
T: If I wear whichever dress you want me to

Tsu: What do you and I do together?
T: I don’t know. Dance, talk…no?

Tsu: How are we the same?
T: We are not the same (flippant and dismissive)

Tsu: How are you and I different?
T: That is…I am thinking about the reply. You have no pottu, I have. You always wear churidhar, I don’t. See, now I am wearing a frock.

Tsu: How do you know that I love you?
T: I know, because you are my mother. I am thinking…Because of the sunny day.
I know. I (just) know. That is the answer.

Tsu: What is one thing you wish you could change about me?
T: You should become a good girl.
Tsu: Am I not a good girl?
Tara: You are , but you should become MORE good and also clever.
Only one more question. Tomorrow you can ask another question. One-one day one-one question only.

Tsu: What do you wish you could go and do with me?
T: I can play with you. Go to the shop and dance. (Totally flippant.) This is the last question.

Laughed too much and annoyed her throughout.

Twas great fun. Thanks umm-o.

Now, switched on Tv for her.
Am I not a good girl now...and also clever?

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  1. i am in splits reading it. and i can well imagine how tara answered. hugs to her.